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"Training is the engine that will drive the Cinema Industry’s painless conversion to Digital Cinema."


We are now offering a new class in Digital Cinema technology

This new 2 day class includes:

  • Color Theory and the DCI spec requirements.
  • Projector set-up and color calibration for all 3 DLP Cinema OEM projectors.
  • Using the operating software and technician's software for all 3 projectors.
  • Board-level understanding of the projectors and projector maintenance needs.
  • All of these items are also covered for D-Cinema servers.

Recent classes were taught for:

Deluxe Labs, Panavision Inc., IATSE Local 659 Studio Projectionists, LucasFilm THX Division.


Our Teaching background:

For the last six years Harry Mathias has helped organize the speakers program at the ITEA (now ICTA) Seminar Series all over the world and has given one or more presentations at each Seminar.

In the past, Mathias gave lecture tours, across the country, sponsored by Panavision and Tech Seminars Inc, on cinema production methods and new technology to packed audiences for five years.

Harry Mathias has also taught classes at:

  • UCLA
  • USC
  • Stanford University
  • American University in Washington DC
  • San Francisco State University
  • The American Film Institute
  • The Swedish Film Institute
  • The Convergence Forum (sponsored by the Canadian Government)
  • The Directors Guild of America's Forum for Continuing Education


What some of our students say about our classes:

“The best instructor I have had in my life. I enjoyed the Seminar very much and I learned a lot.”

Vilmos Zigmond, A.S.C.   Academy Award winning Cinematographer.


“I must say that the D-Cinema seminar given by Harry was first-rate, and belongs in a high-level classification. He is an excellent communicator, with a great deal of useful information.”

Stan Wiegand   Engineering Supervisor Projection Department, Universal Studios


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