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Harry Mathias has written many books and hundreds of magazine articles on Digital Cinema and Film Technology, including:


  • ELECTRONIC CINEMATOGRAPHY: Achieving Photographic Control Over The Video Image, published by Wadsworth Publishing. Reprinted five times, this is one of the most popular books ever written on new cinema Technology.
  • Cinematografia Electronica, translated into Spanish
  • HDTV, THE POLITICS, POLICIES, AND ECONOMICS OF TOMORROW'S TELEVISION, published by Union Square Press co-author, with former US Vice President Al Gore
  • TELEVISION IMAGE QUALITY, a book published by the Society of Television and Motion Picture Engineers, contributing author
  • THE AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHERS HANDBOOK Published by the ASC, contributing author
  • The AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHERS VIDEO HANDBOOK Published by the ASC, contributing author


  • The SMPTE Journal, Numerous articles 
  • THE INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine, Numerous articles
  • THE BKSTS JOURNAL, Numerous articles
  • The Film Journal International, Numerous articles 
  • BoxOffice Magazine, Numerous articles 

Major Reports:

Technical Criteria that must be Met for the Adoption of Digital Cinema by the American Motion Picture Industry, a Report to the the Commission of the European Communities DG XIII Telecommunications, Information Industries, and Innovation (the EU)

Electronic Cinematography BookCinematica Electronica Book


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