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Harry Mathias’ Consulting Clients have included:

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Panavision LogoPanavision Inc.

Mathias held the position of Senior Consultant to the CEO, through three CEO’s administrations. He contributed to designs for all cameras since the Panaflex Gold, and countless accessories. He contributed to many of the patents granted on these products. He evaluated many new technologies and countless patents offered to Panavision, and mapped a constant course through the maze of technical innovation, charting new directions where appropriate. He produced plans of action for the development of proprietary new product lines for the company.  Counseled Panavision Marketing, as well as the R&D and Engineering departments. Mathias self-initiated many areas of study and action that later became company projects and products.


European Community LogoConsultant to the European Union

Consulted and produced a confidential study report on the subject of High Definition Video that became the basis for the European Economic Community’s position on Digital Cinema and helped to guide its strategy. Mathias was the only American consultant to the European Union on the subject of High Definition Television & future Video Production Technology. Mathias presented his study in person at the Brussells EU headquarters and conferred many times with the Ministers and the technology architects and policy planners of the European Community.


Dreamworks LogoDreamWorks Animation SKG

Harry Mathias was recruited by DreamWorks SKG to consult for them in connection with the production of the feature length computer animation film Prince of Egypt and their next film Road to El Dorado. His combined knowledge of motion picture production and computer imaging technology, gave him alone the qualifications for this project, which became breakthroughs in computer animated images that also possessed Cinema artistic realism.


Kodak LogoEastman Kodak Co.

Advocated a unique overview of the changing technology marketplace to the Eastman Kodak Executive Committee. Produced, wrote, and presented a series of Image technology and marketplace classes to the sales and technical management at Kodak offices all over the world. These presentations were at the direction, and carried the endorsement of the Eastman Kodak Senior Management Committee.


Schneider Optics Logo

Schneider Optics Inc.

A world leader in lens design and manufacture for 84 years, under Mathias’ direction, as a consultant, made a successful expansion into the professional Motion Picture and Video camera filter market. Almost a 100 all new products were designed, tested and brought to market under this development program. Many new lines of products also developed and Introduced in the Cinema and Digital Cinema Industries. Spearheaded all of Schneider’s decisions and planning for Digital Cinema product development. Mathias also pioneered a Screen Geometry study, at Schneider, whose results have changed industry-wide standards, and were adopted by the THX division of LucasFilm for its theatre certification program.


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