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New Product & Services Business Development, and Market Introduction

During our years in the cinema business, the Senior Executives at DCMP Consulting Inc. have introduced, and developed markets for, many new products and service offerings. Most of these new products were offered by companies that were totally unknown to the Cinema Industry. Companies like Barco, and NEC are now mainstays of the Digital Cinema industry, but they were not known to that industry before Harry Mathias and his colleagues represented them. This form of representation is something we enjoy, and we have a demonstrable track record of success in these endeavors.

DCMP Consulting's technology focus helps our marketing efforts. We have found that in selling technology, you must first make people comfortable with the features of the technology before they have any interest in acquiring it.

DCMP Consulting Inc. is Los Angeles based, and our offices are convenient to Hollywood. With our long term Hollywood Studio relationships, we are ideally suited to represent your Digital Cinema or entertainment technology business development in the USA.

Marketing and Business Development

Harry Mathias was the top executive at Barco Digital Cinema in the USA. His responsibilities included all of the corporate, strategic, and marketing decisions in the areas of Cinema and Digital Cinema for this independent North American business unit of Barco, a multinational high technology company, entering the Cinema market for the first time. He led this company’s sales and marketing strategy from before their very first prototype Cinema projector, to their current strong-second market position, exceeding their expected sales level by 150% in 2002. Mathias personally guided the written copy and strategic direction of all their US ad campaigns.

Mathias had similar marketing involvement, with similar success, at Schneider Optics and Panavision.

You can view some of our client companies here.

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Our Favorite Marketing Strategies...

Our marketing strategies are based on understanding the technology and understanding the customer.

We have always found that sales success, in the cinema markets, comes from writing an informed advertising campaign, one that recognizes and addresses the customer’s real needs. A campaign that shows awareness of the client's concerns and issues. A vendor or service company then needs to follow through on the promises made in its advertising. It needs to really deliver the value that it claims it will. This basic concept is important in technology design, and services delivery, as well as in advertising. As simple as this concept is, it is seldom used...

Things often get more complex as market realities intervene, of course, but our basic values and experience gained from our past successes in sales and marketing have always guided our advice to our clients.

Cinema and Digital Cinema are, after all, pragmatic industries where practical and sensible strategies usually cut through marketing hyperbole.

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