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DCMP Consulting is unique in that our expertise and experience covers equipment design, technology, as well as business development and marketing in Digital Cinema and in Film Technology.


DCMP Consulting is the only Digital Cinema consultancy with expertise in both Digital Cinema and Motion Picture technology. We offer experienced counsel to our clients, and pride ourselves on achieving exceptional results.


Los Angeles based, we serve clients worldwide. DCMP Consulting clients are in the fields of Cinema Production, Post Production, and Cinema Exhibition.

Design and Deploy

Much of our recent work has included Digital Cinema systems design and rollout management.

Our competence is built on experience. DCMP Consulting Inc. CEO, Harry Mathias, founded and ran Barco Digital Cinema in North America, from the first days of the TI DLP Cinema prototype, until the 2K DLP projector rollout. He was the top Barco executive in D-Cinema, in the USA, both administratively, and from a technical point of view. Harry Mathias' responsibilities included all of the strategic and technical aspects of Barco's involvement in the Boeing Digital Cinema rollout. Boeing was the world’s first national rollout and Barco provided 70% of the Boeing systems. Mathias provided and managed all of the Century, UltraStar and Malco sites that Boeing deployed. Mathias had similar large scale Digital Cinema system deployment responsibilities with NEC Digital Cinema, prior to founding DCMP Consulting Inc.

All in all, DCMP Consulting staff and our partner companies have designed and managed site rollouts longer than anyone in the business. This fact makes DCMP Consulting Inc. the most experienced consultancy in the Digital Cinema Industry.

Due Diligence and R&D

DCMP Consulting Inc. also does extensive merger and acquisition "due diligence" for investment bankers and venture capitalists.

DCMP Consulting Inc. current equipment design work includes a 4K digital cinema projector based on new imaging technology, and a corresponding 4K media block design. DCMP Consulting, CEO, Harry Mathias has been the chief architect of NEC's Digital Cinema JPEG-2000 DCI-compliant Digital Cinema server system designs and Digital Cinema projector designs, in the recent past.

There are a few companies in the Digital Cinema consulting field, who are familiar with the DCI Specifications and the technical standards of Digital Cinema. But, very few consultants exist who have actually deployed Digital Cinema systems. There is no substitute for hands-on Digital rollout experience, and the lessons learned from solving the practical problems encountered in real Digital Cinema mass deployments. For details of our deployment clients just ask us.

If engineering can't solve practical problems, then it is of little use. In a new technology, only those that have solved problems are useful in training others to solve them.


For answers to your questions, or to discuss a Digital Cinema services or consulting quotation, call us.


Harry Mathias has “been there, done that” since the beginning of Digital Cinema...


Bounce Premiere Backstage pass

Harry’s backstage pass from the first Digital Cinema movie premiered from a Satellite, by Boeing Digital Cinema on Nov. 14, 2000.


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